Santana CPRO

parents Elstar x Priscilla.

P.RI Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Medium-strong, fairly flat branch position; less head and shoot growth than Elstar.

Flowers well, but not exuberantly, just before Golden Delicious. Flowers mainly on biennial wood, good cross-pollination is desirable. Good pollinators are Topaz and ornamental apples.

Good, such as Elstar; little tendency to turn years.

Picking time
For short storage and a week after Elstar. For long storage a week before Elstar.

Striped bright to dark red blush on a yellow-green background. The fruits color fairly easily and are quite large.

Hard, juicy and crispy fresh-sour apple with a good aroma.

Shelf life
Good, six months in combination with Elstar and Jonagold. For long ULO storage carbon dioxide as low as possible and never higher than 3%.

Santana CPRO ® is scrap resistant (Vf), not very susceptible to fruit tree cancer, susceptible to mildew.


James Grieve x BX 44.14

Slow to medium strong growing, forms of loose crown with thin, hanging fruit wood

Early to medium early, high and regular, very low frost-sensitive, diploid, excellent pollinator. Good pollinators are Rewena, James Grieve, Idared, Golden, Pinova etc.

Picking season
Fruit ripe for picking: mid September; ripe for consumption: harvest until October.

Medium-sized, longish fruits, pear-shaped to medium bulbous, small calyx, deep voice deepening. Bright yellow-green, smooth fruit skin, 40–90% wine red, flamed body color; pruinose and meshed russet in parts.

Soft, cream-colored fruit pulp, fine-celled and juicy. S ourish, fruity aroma; best for apple strudel

Resistance to scab, fire blight and mildew


(Cox Orange x Oldenburg) x BX 44.14

Slow to medium strong growing, loosely branched, scaffold branches obliquely upright, later hanging, bears on the long (fruit) wood

Medium late to late, high and regular, very low frost-sensitive, diploid, good pollinator. Good pollinators are Reglindis, Remo, Idared, Golden, Pilot, Pinova etc.

Picking season
Fruit ripe for picking: end of August, ripening somewhat later so that two or more picking actions are necessary; ripe for consumption: from harvest to early October

Medium to large, longish, pear-shaped to medium bulbous, ribbed, narrow calyx deepening with long stem, greenish fruit skin with grained, purple body color (up to 80%)

Soft up to medium firm (to the bite), fine -celled, juicy fruit pulp

Rewena is a multi-resistant winter apple variety with tart-sourish fruits for fresh consumption and processing into juice. It is suitable for commercial production, scattered fruit and private orcharding in integrated and organic farming methods.
Resistant to scab, fire blight and bacterial leaf blight, even in late frost regions it bears well, good storability, regular cutting back / cutting out is recommended. Rewena is also recommended for meadows with scattered fruit trees.