Certified planting material from Holland

Dutch nursery De Kemp

We represent  Dutch nursery De Kemp B.V., it specializes in production of asparagus, strawberries and red currant planting material. All plants are grown in greenhouses and on 150 hectares of nursery in the Netherlands.  All material is certified by NAK Tuinbouw. The NAK inspections prove the origin, true-to-type and plant health.

Grolim F1

Grolim F1 is a 100% male hybrid, suitable for cultivation of white asparagus in both temperate climate zones and climates similar to South Europe. Grolim is ideal as a “high yield variety”, as its exceptionally high stem weight contributes towards reducing labour costs. This early variety gives above average production.

  • A mid early variety
  • The ideal variety for bumper harvests
  • очень высокий потенциал урожайности;
  • подходит для выращивания при высокой плотности посадки;
  • High production potential

Gijnlim F1

Gijnlim F1 is a 100% male hybrid and ideally suited for cultivation of both white and green asparagus in temperate climate zones. This variety is an exceptionally early grower and gives very high productivity. Gijnlim is ideal for forced cultivation conditions. This variety is highly valued for direct from farm sales.

  • Suitable for white and green
  • Very early production
  • Exceptionally high production potential
  • Extremely suitable for forced production
  • Excellent quality and grades
  • Recommended plant density: 3-4 plants per meter

Backlim F1

Backlim F1 is a 100% male hybrid and highly suitable for production of white asparagus in a temperate climate. Backlim also performs well in green asparagus production. This variety is also extremely good for harvesting in the 2nd half of the season, combined with the harvest of early varieties such as Avalim and Gijnlim. Backlim has evolved into the standard variety in greenhouse growing. Backlim gives reliable yields and quality, both in greenhouses and when field grown.

  • Late variety
  • Suitable for white and green
  • Strong quality and production
  • Excellent follow up to forced cultivation
  • A good choice for replanting
  • The standard in heated production
  • Recommended plant density: 4-5 plants per meter