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We believe in the limitless possibilities for fruit & berry growing.


An abundance of fertile land in different climate zones and people with green fingers WITH a long history of loving fruits & berries. Holland Rosetta believes in a major growth of the fruit, & berry sector in these countries.


Holland Rosetta: Supplier of High Tech inputs for the Professional Fruit & Berry Production & Long time Storage.


Holland Rosetta excels in supplying planting material of the Highest Export Quality, High Tech growing  and Storage Systems for FRUIT, BERRIES  soft fruit and ASPARAGUS. We work together with the undisputable Leaders and Specialists from the Netherlands and UK. As a group we invest in our own trial fields where we develop knowledge about our different crops in the continental climate with our cultivation technologies under local conditions. There we receive our relations and provide training.












Export Quality planting materials

Vital, Strong and Healthy Plants are the starting point for a sound and high production. The Dutch nurseries where the plants are grown are frequently inspected by the autonomous  Netherlands Certification Agency NAK-tuinbouw and approved by the authorities of the importing countries. The variety selection promoted by Holland Rosetta are suitable for intensive cultivations, open ground and tunnel production, good taste, frost- and disease resistance ánd suitable for automated production systems. The planting materials are selected for the different climate zones in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union.



Smart Fertigation Systems

What milk is for a baby is water and nutrients for your fruit and berry plantation. With the concept of the “VGB plug&play” the automated fertigation systems are easily installed on location and monitored by the client and the specialists in the Netherlands. In this way we can guarantee and secure that every plant in your plantation receives the required water and nutrition to become adult and produce on the top level fruits and berries.



Training, Guidance and Consultancy

Excellent planting material, advanced cultivation techniques and the right knowledge and skills form a trinity for optimal fruit and soft fruit production. Holland Rosetta assists their clients  with expert training in the Netherlands,  local training on the demo fields but also on-farm training and consultancies. Step by step we lead you through the production process with local and Dutch experts and modern technologies to a successful and competitive fruit, berry and asparagus business.