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+31 (0)77 397 17 10 (EN)


Holland Rosetta​

Molengatweg 23
5961 PA Horst
The Netherlands


Holland Rosetta: Supplier of High Tech inputs for the Professional Fruit & Berry Production & Long time Storage.


Holland Rosetta excels in supplying planting material of the Highest Export Quality, High Tech growing  and Storage Systems for FRUIT, BERRIES  soft fruit and ASPARAGUS. We work together with the undisputable Leaders and Specialists from the Netherlands. As a group we invest in our own trial fields where we develop knowledge about our different crops in the continental climate with our cultivation technologies under local conditions. There we receive our relations and provide training.


Our Team


Frederique Vogel

Founder, CEO Holland Rosetta

Tel +31623930790

Pieter Frings

Co-Founder Holland Rosetta

Valery Lashinsky

Director Technique & Grower Support CIS

Tel. +380675011764